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April & May 2013 Happy Customer's Showcase


Hi Betty,
Just so you remember, I bought Duker and Dutchey from you many
years ago. Duker lived to be 19 and Dutchey lived to be 20.  All I can
say is great breeding on your part, and being a great mommy on my
J  I noticed you had a picture of Rocky on your website.  I
wanted to send you an updated picture of all 3 babies.  I bought
Precious, aka “Miss Personality” originally for my mom, but when I
brought her home, she immediately bonded with Rocky and Pebbles
(and me & Matt), so needless to say, she never left our home.   

I just want to say thank you; they have brought so much joy to our
Take care,

Hey Betty its Kristi, I just love my Levi!! 
hes such a smart little man, i wanted to show u a picture of him, i was wondering what color his parents are, or if u might hve pictures of them.

Talk to you later

Kristi and Baby Levi

Hi Betty,

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Riley. He is doing GREAT!!! I took him to the vet this week to get his vaccinations and they said he was in good health.  I hope you like the pictures.






We bought our precious Chloe from your kennel 4 years ago and we just adore her.  She is a yorkie maltese designer dog and I believe one from your first litter – she was the last of that litter to be adopted and we fell in love as soon as we saw her.  She is the most precious little girl and loved by all of us, although is especially our daughter’s dog. She’s very silver in color with curly hair.   

Now it’s time for me to have my very own tiny yorkie.  I want a pocket size baby, but not a designer dog.  I can’t afford the super expensive ones, but I know I want a tiny little girl so she fits in my pocket and can wear the tiny clothes we have for her – those Chloe soon outgrew.  If you will have one available in July or even August, it would be just perfect. Please keep me informed.

By the way, I just sent you a new puppy owner – Breanna Hopkins who just adopted her little yorkie poo and loves her to pieces.  She in turn sent another puppy purchaser to you so my referral has snowballed.  And all because we love our dear Chloe so much and speak so highly of her.   Thanks for helping me in my search for our new baby,


Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 8:17 PM
To: mwaldrop@galvestonbay.net
Subject: lloversyorkies.com


Over 5 years ago on Thanksgiving day we picked up our wonderful Yorkie from your home.  We wanted a large Yorkie and named him “Kip”, taken from the old “Kip’s Big Boy” hamburger establishment.  He has been a fantastic pet – loving, intelligent, caring and loyal.  We sent a photo of Kip to the “Dog Fancy” calendar company.   We were delighted to learn that the company chose Kip’s photo  for one of the days of the year.  Anyone who still has a 2008 Dog Fancy calendar can see his photo on June 6th.

 The way we learned of your Yorkies, was through our daughter Lucy.  She and her husband have enjoyed many years of happiness with their Yorlie named “Allie”, who also came from your home.  So we sent a picture of Allie, along with her younger sister “Ellie May”, to Dog Fancy, and that photo was chosen for the 2009 calendar.  It is attached, as well as the one of Kip.  Lately Jan refers to our little baby as “Kippie Cadillac”. 

Please keep in mind that your work makes many people very happy with these very special little pets. 

Bill and Jan

Houston, Texas

Hi.  My name is Carol Hulsman.  We came down several years ago and purchased one of your puppies for our daughter, Lauren.  She is a senior at Texas A&M this year . . . and I think "Lucy" is 3 maybe.  Anyway, Lucy is an absolutely amazing dog.  Actually, we think of her as part of the family.  We had always had German Shorthaird Pointers and were never around a small dog.  Lauren lived at home for 1 year with Lucy before moving so we all became very close.  What an absolute doll! 
The reason I am contacting you is that a friend at work is looking for a yorkie.  I gave her your website and she viewed the puppies for sale.  The problem is, they are way out of her price range.  She is looking for a pet for her 10 year daughter.  Believe me, I believe your dogs are worth your asking price!  Not only is Lucy full of personality, she is BEAUTIFUL!  Anyway, do you know of anyone that may have a puppy in the $500 to $600 range?  We've pretty much exhausted our options.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
I Love Our Yorkie Too !
Carol    :)

To: lloversyorkies@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:05 PM
Subject: Chuy aka Ziggy
Hello! It's Lydia and Luis Gutierrez. Wanted to send you some pictures to see how this little guy is doing!! We purchased him from you in July...He is awesome and we love him!!

Chuy (Ziggy) born 6.14.11 (parents Rambo/Gina)


Lydia and Luis
This is Little Angel
Yorkie Female Puppy
Thank you Betty for another lovely Baby 4/5/2013 Great Addition to the Family.  Picture by Lilly!





Hi Betty!   

Just wanted to give a little update on Leo.  We are now in Dallas and he is doing very well, my mom and dad already spoil him!  He sometimes plays with my brother's two chihuahuas and tries to be the leader of the pack.  His ears are also starting to stand up now!  Thank you again for being so involved with his care and helping me through my first week with him!  I will keep you updated on him!   I attached a picture we took about a week and a half ago, he's growing so fast! 
Take care,



My brother bought a beautiful yorkie boy on Feb. 2nd (approx.) who was born on Dec. 15, 1997.  I named him BRAXTON & he's just gorgeous.  I sent you some pics a few yrs ago but I don't know if you ever received them.  I am sending you some more & I hope you will add them to that scrapbook you showed me once of your puppies.

Thank you....
Meredith  & BRAXTON - Braxton Pictures
It's Mandy Morales, I purchased Presley from you.  I took him with me to Dallas last weekend and my mom LOVED him, so I was considering buying her a puppy for her birthday at the end of the month.  Do you have any little girls that you'd be willing to let go of for around the same price as I paid for Presley?  My mom wants a female and I know that they are usually a little more expensive, but I figured I'd ask you before I checked out other breeders because I trust buying from you.
Thanks a bunch!!

Mandy's Pretty Boy

Hi Betty, 

It’s me again, I just can’t stay away.  I want to inquire about the little girl on your website “Miss Personality”.  Mother’s Day is coming soon and I would like to get mom a little girl.  How big will she get and how old she is?  Would you be willing to also give me a small price break???? 

Hope to talk to you soon, you have my info! 


Steph's Rocky

Hi Betty,
Well, I just wanted you to know things are going good with Rusty, Jack named him Pete.  He has already learned
how to go in and out of the doggie door, and is working on potty training.  Jack loves him and Pete is eating well, Jack
is still working on having him come to him and letting Jack pick him up, it is better every day.
Thank you so much,

Date: Mon, Jul 25, 11:44 PM -0500

Subject: Barney 

Wanted to let you that Barney is doing very well in his new home. He loves laying on our bed and sleeping with us.

 Sent from my iPhone


Barney in his Mom's Bed

yorkshire long hair

Polly 2009 Lloversyorkies andTator Xmas 2011 Llov.

Polly has a beautiful personality to match her looks and Tator is sooo Cuddly and loving even though he only weighs 1lb at 9 10 weeks he has BIG kisses.


Keep up the good work



This was Baby Jewels who is now Zoey and happy with her new family in North Carolina with Marcia and Garth

Happy Customer Alyson

Date: January 3, 2013, 11:45:09 AM CST
To: "williamsb188@yahoo.com" <williamsb188@yahoo.com>
Subject: My Yorkie puppy
Hi! I just wanted to send an email to thank you so much for my yorkie! He is almost 2 now and he has been the absolute best dog I've ever had! He is family, literally people call him my baby/child. I will recommend you to anyone searching for puppy! Thank you so much!!


female yorkie
I enjoyed speaking with you this morning. Our hearts are breaking from the loss of our dear Mattie. We always said that she was an angel on loan to us from God. He brought her home to be with him, he created her and he blessed us by allowing her to be a part of our lives and our love for 13 yrs 5 months and 2 wks. We will miss her.
Thank you Bette for all you do,

full coat yorkiefull coat yorkie
Baby girl this morning Penny 16 yrs old and still runs after my 125 lb labs. Thank you for breeding excellent and healthy dogsAnother Yorkie we got from you 14 yrs old Savannah passed away appox 1 yr ago

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